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    Have a look at the topics and the description of the events:
    • Glorious Uzbekistan (5 days/4nights)
    • Legends and stories of the East (4 days / 3 nights)
    • Uzbekweekend (3days/2 nights)

    •The Registan Ensemble
    •Figgarden Rogi Baland
    •Wine testing hall Khovrenko
    •Khiva Khan's Harem
    •Bukhara Emir's Summer Palace
    •Afrosiab Ruins
    •Samarkand Bazaar
    •Mahalla is a neighbourhood
    •Yurt camp in the desert
    •Aidarkul Lake
    •Toza Bog Khiva Khan's Residence
    •Russian Residence at Kagan
    •Gur-i-Emir Mausoleum
    •Chorvak Resort

    Tamerlane's Ascension to the Throne
    Let's celebrate Tamerlane's ascension to the throne. It is here, in Afrosiab, that the great conqueror Tamerlane was officially inaugurated. You may take part in the cooking of a worldwide famous Uzbek piiaw. Dinner is accompanied with a show.

    Khiva Khan's Harem
    A pompous supper at Khiva Khan's Harem. Nice music, oriental beauties offering local food and belly dance will not leave you unimpressed. Relive the magic of 1001 night.

    To oasis with a caravan
    Hot desert, sun... looks like a mirage, but it is the Aidarkul lake that is going to save travelers from the heat. After a picnic at the lake you will head towards the yurt lake on camels.
    You will see how to build a yurt. After a barbeque and songs at a bonfire you will sleep in yurts.

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